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DONAROSA SINERGY produces best coconut shell charcoal briquette from Indonesia. Coconut Shell Briquette Charcoal is made by burning purely natural coconut shell in the high of oxygen so can maximize the carbonize process. This material can be formed into virtually any shape to serve most any purpose like for cooking and hookah. Coconut charcoal burns hot and clean, tasteless, and produces a unique smoke for sisha.Our premium charcoal briquette are carefully produced from pure selected coconut shell and processed by skillful hand to deliver the quality.We add love and respect to our product so we can make best products for our costumers The production of our charcoal briquette capacity is approximately 15 containers per month. Our charcoal briquette have successfully expands to United States of America markets, European market (Germany, France, Russia) , Middle East Markets (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) Being the BEST QUALITY company is our vision in this business and we are proud of being one of the TRUSTED coconut shell manufacturing company in Indonesia.We are expecting to have a business partnership based on mutual trust in the future. Should you require any further information or clarifications, please feel free to contact us.



Eco Friendly

No Single One Tress Were Cut To Make This Product


100 % Use Natural Coconut Shell Charcoal


Our Product are Premium Quality


We Have Certified Product


Last Longer Than Other Charcoal

Eco Friendly

No Single One Tress Were Cut To Make This Product